What is Digi Beat Shop?

Digi Beat Shop is the online store where you can develop every day your projects, thanks to the best musical samples available in the digital market.

How the samples are made?

Our samples are really played by professional musicians! They are recorded at 24 bit/48kHz, through the best musical technologies available, ranging from microphones (as Neumann U87) to the rehearsal room.

What can I do with Digi Beat products?

Digi Beat Products will give you the chance to quickly create, from the beginning to the end, your musical productions. It will be really easy! Just download the file from the store and drag it into the timeline to give live to your projects.

Which is the difference between the samples already available on other stores and those offered by Digi Beat Shop?

The samples available on the Digi Beat Shop are really played by the best professionals known in the music industry. They have obtained extraordinary results and have collaborated with musical performers and artists renowned internationally. As a consequence, you can create an authentic musical track as if you have recorded it at real Recording Studio.

How often the Digi Beat Shop will make available new products online?

We are constantly working to add new products to our digital catalogue. Therefore, there will often be new samples available online!

How can I pay?

The platform accepts payments with Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, PayPal, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

Is there something that I cannot do with Digi Beat products?

Once downloaded, Digi Beat products cannot be sold or resold to third parties. This is the only limit that the customer has!