Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions

 All those who purchase on the site, individuals or companies, pursuant to these General Conditions of Sale are to be considered customers. These General Conditions of Sale regulate the sales of the products listed on the site, starting from the registration of the order. They are applied to sales made via the Internet, telephone, fax and e-mail.

Conditions and acceptance

The fact that the Customer accepts the General Conditions of Sale before confirming his order automatically entails the acknowledgment and acceptance of the above without reservation. These conditions apply excluding all other clauses, with the exception of all special agreements agreed in writing and signed by both parties. The purchaser is prohibited from entering false, and / or invented, and / or invented data, in the registration procedure necessary to activate the procedure for the execution of this contract and the related further communications; the personal data, the telephone number and the e-mail address must be exclusively their real personal data and not of third parties and / or fantasy.

Modification of the conditions of sale

DigiBeat reserves the unquestionable right to modify these General Conditions of Sale at any time.


DigiBeat undertakes to present the essential characteristics of the products treated. The photographs illustrating the products may, in some cases, not be 100% identical to the product itself, for reasons related to the continuous search for design and coloring, without however compromising its quality which will in any case be equivalent if not improved. If errors are introduced to you, under no circumstances will DigiBeat be liable.

All the products on this site comply with the specific reference standards that govern their distribution and use at Community and national level; the products that require it are therefore accompanied by a declaration of conformity.

In addition, the active quality system DigiBeat requires careful selection of suppliers and strict control of the products that guarantee complete safety and high quality. For any other technical and / or regulatory information, or further documentation, such as technical data sheets or specific requests that the operator may need, our Customer Service is available to provide all the answers promptly.


The prices indicated on the site are expressed in euros and are prices including VAT. Any shipping costs are excluded. Since the rates of the suppliers are constantly evolving, the prices indicated on the site are subject to change at any time and without notice. They are also subject to change due to causes relating to the launch of a product, promotions and sales. Attention: all prices are given subject to any typing errors.


When completing the order, the Customer is asked to: 1) fill in the personal data form; It is important to specify the delivery address, telephone number and an e-mail address.

2) carefully reread the form, in all its parts, before validating the order. DigiBeat is not held in any case responsible for errors inherent in an incorrect purchase or to be canceled and not disclosed without making any arrangements via email or fax, let alone errors relating to the delivery of the package, deriving from information or data incorrectly entered by the Customer, in the personal data form. 3) report within the hour following the order placed, any changes in payment, products, or shipping address to avoid the occurrence of any errors.

4) choose your preferred payment method:

- Paypal / Credit Card: it is the most popular online payment system in the world that allows you to pay with maximum security, in real time. In fact, with Paypal, the shopkeeper never sees the data of your credit card or account (which are encrypted with a special system), but only the payment received. It is not necessary to have an account on Paypal, it is in fact possible to pay by entering your credit card data on the appropriate page to which you are redirected.

Order confirmation

For all orders placed on the site, an order confirmation e-mail will automatically be sent to the address indicated by the Customer in his data sheet.


Any copies of the sales invoice can be requested by sending an email to DigiBeat.

Delivery time

The confirmation emails will be received within one hour from the order, if no email is received within 24h immediately contact the DigiBeat assistance center.


Refunds are not accepted

Site photos and illustrations

The images have the sole purpose of representing the product, some images may be different to the use of the same.